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Reviews for "Fingerprints of the Gods{durn}"


i like this sonng a lot it makes me feel relaxed and the song is smooth. i hope u keep making more songs like this one!

durn responds:

:) Thanks rackle. I wanted to slowly bring people in with this one, good to hear it worked.


It truly is a feel-good progressive track that reflects the summer heat!
It's weird actually, because it's hard for me to imagine a chill-out hot summer when it's the cold weather the one I enjoy the most.
Nevertheless, instead of making the fast-paced track you would normally listen to in summer, you've performed a slow-paced summer theme track that truly reflects your passion for hot weather! Great Job!

durn responds:

:) Aye, I definitely prefer the heat to the cold. These old bones get all crackly and stiff during the winter months. ;) The summer heat helps me relax and move about and definitely helps inspire some different emotions in my music.

Thanks for the scorchin' review, Soldorado! :)

props ^^

i like it a lot..all the vst's in Reason impressive :D ....i like tht flow u got in this song ..really relaxing 5/5 10/10 i really like it

durn responds:

Thanks XeMeX. :) A few of the synths were of my creation but many were simply presets from within Reason that I eq'd/filtered/FX'd till it sounded how I wanted. :)


This is really a great song. I like the transition and beat. Go synth, lol.
Another awesome piece of work by Durn. Keep it up!

durn responds:

Thank you, Remii! :D I certainly will!

Not bad at all!

I like the style, it really does reflect the heat! Thanks for telling me about it! It has a bit of a retro style to it. I like what you did at 4:06, sounded really great! Thanks for reading!

durn responds:

Aye, definite late 90's trance style at first and then a more early-90s club style in the center. :) Can't help but pay homage to my old inspirations. :D Thanks for the review, st3ff0n.