Reviews for "Lost Farts"

i just found it out

i must be in a parallel universe where videos like this are considered master pieces and given ten stars. but in reality i can see through your shit covered video.
im sorry dude i cant find any humor in this. maybe its me. and by the look of the other reviews. yeah its just me


This was too funny and though the animation was low at best it's what really made this with it's silly fart jokes and finding them in the strangest places,i was dying in laughter and i give it a two thumbs up.


OH MY GOD!!!! Funniest thing I've seen in a loooooong time!
Although the animation is crap, I give it 10 stars!


That was hilarious... yet quite disgusting.
5 and 10
You should make a series out of this! I know it was multiple flashes from your website but I would love to see more of Teddor and Gregory.

"I should see if I have something in the present box" *Brilliant*

lol lol and a ha ha

that was so funny. your voice made it that much better.