Reviews for "Lost Farts"


Sometimes i just can't believe how funny this movie is.


Have you ever had a friend who got you into a cinema to watch a movie for free? You don't know what the movie's about and have no expectation. Sometimes the movies are horrible but generally they are quite good. You even find some quality gems. This is one of those gems. The sound, animation and humour are what makes this movie great. It all pieced itself together to make an enjoyable animation. If certain parts were better it would have detracted from the movie itself. Keep them coming.


The best part ... is all the movie . Man this rocks ...I laughed so hard i almost shit in my pants . Keep it up

Fuckin funny! :D

The amount of laughter involved bossted yer score to a 9 and a 5 vote!

And if anyone dont see that you shouldn't waste months on makin this fancy...
They're idiots.
I mean the peanuts in the shit was comin at me in 3-d already!
And yea people dont even know how to read author comments before watching...
I mean Obviously not oscar matrial amirite?
dude I also love the metal fuck ac!d series!
Keep the funnies goin Karl.
You made me hungry for chunky peanut butter...

what the fuck...

i feel pissed by just looking at the weak animation and despite what most people say, i just wana say this video sucks..no seriously...its sucks..big time.