Reviews for "Lost Farts"

wtf is this?

This is absolute garbage, art is horrible, voices are horrible and the story is horrible, i didn't even watch the whole thing it was so bad, I'm giving you a 1 cause you were brave enough to put up this piece of crap on here. Seriously this was horrible.


definately sumin to fap over

FUck yes.

Fuck yes.

Make another now.


ok, i was goin through egoraptors favs and i stumbled across this and i have to say this is so insanely weird that i stopped watching it when they started shitting in each others assholes like it was a game f tennis. all i have is one question : HOW the F*CK did you come with this stuff?!?!?! where you on drugs when you did this? :S

i dont get it

i was searching ego's faves and i stumb;ed upon this, cuz everything ego faves is instantly cool, but, um, lol, its wierd, its rly, rly, wierd. ill give it that