Reviews for "Lost Farts"

I LOL'ed

Ahahahahahaha xD the ending was epic and i cant believe how many people are flaming this i mean if they laugh at the stuff from adult swim i dont see why hate on this vid xD you get a 10 for making my day


and it went on and on and on...

It was a long time...

...since I saw something really original and FUCKING FUNNY. Don't listen to those who say that your flash is shit (even if it evolves around shit), I laughed so hard, especially the Ring part... caught me off guard ;D

9/10, and usually I'm not this nice :P

this was one of tom's favs

That was so nasty, I can't believe it was one of Tom's favs..... WHY TOM WHY?

what the fuck

what the hell was that im only giving this a 1 because u were brave enogh to but this on NG