Reviews for "Lost Farts"


Well it was funny I watched until the end. Sorta slow in ways and the voices were good. Don't worry about the graphics. Maybe you were meant to make them like that... I can't believe I was eating while watching this! Appetite! Well good work. It was sort of original but got a little crazy near the end

Hereder responds:

Thanks ;)
Yea. Me and my brother gave eatch other 30 minutes to make a movie. So i could'not make to serius animations.
But this movie are 3 movies in 1. I released them one by one on my own homezite :)


really stupid but it has some funny parts...

still not worth watching

My cheeks hurt

It's Retarded, it's digusting, i cringed. I laughed my fuckin ass off

Jesus almighty...

holy hell... what the heck makes people submitting flash's like this one?
I mean, it's not funny, it's poor quality, poor voices ... it sucks :(