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Reviews for "self-mastery bw"

really done well with this... nice work with the freckles and the serious ... i wanna say suduted look on the face..,.love the wild up hair..keep it up

You really outdid yourself with this! Good job!

this looks amazing.

This is such an amazing well done work, great job and keep up the awesome work :D

Nice illustration. Pretty too. The lady looks like someone I used to know. Haven't seen her in a year or two. The most similar resemblance between the two are probably freckles. My friend has lots of them. But a major difference are the eyes and the nose. My friend's eyes weren't squinty and her nose wasn't small. Still good job on the art! Be sure to check out some of my art. It's not the best, as my drawings and sketches are a bit scribbly. Still, if you've got time, drop by and rate some of the art I made, as I haven't been scouted yet. My audio has a lot more recognition than my sketches.