Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

Best dress up evah!

YOu......FUCKIN.....RULE.Worms (my favourite game)hillarious combinations of clothes(YAAAAAAY)and great music.you got my 10 and my 5 man


I love that!
It's really great!
My First Worms Christmas holidays :').

Ah, lovely.

This submission was just lovely. Not only did it have Christmas type stuff, but also pirate and other stuff. My favorite was the angry Jesus that I made...because Jesus hates Santa. With the Holy Hand Grenade. I don't usually like dress-up games, but this was just wonderfully done. The expressions that you can make with the face are just beautiful. Well done. Very, very well done.

awesome! so better than first one! it is kinda like an egg hunt!

Christmas SIEGHEILworminator!

LOL Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Seriously though, it's pure awesomeness. I love the music and how creative and original this is.