Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"


Im not a fan of dress up games to be honest theyre kinda pointless.

But you had such a wide selection of items and everything looked great.
Add the fact you included Proper Crim'bo! on the soundtrack, that was a highlight.

It was ok :]

found a bug

hey i found a bug in the game when you are pressing the begin game and it starts to go to game you can press the help button and it will go to help instead and if you click the bigin game it keeps turning the sign a bit and never goes to start game dont ask how i found this out cause i cant explain it i didnt like it and i didnt hate it so i put most at 5 except wut i thought wus better

good but getting tired of these games

Bo Selecta is the group that made the song proper crimbo, and on another note, this game was alright, not the greatest game ever but it's ok


i pressed F11 and it was still too big to fit on my screen but the sheep was ok so 4/10

i can't do anything

it's to BIG