Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"


great game dude, only 1 proplem tho, every time i changed the music.. well tried! the game just froze ><.... wich was pretty freaking anyoing tbh.

but anyway, now go make the real worm game :D


i love this game but

but what are the name of the first song

love the game on PS2 love the game pc

mine looks like a sleepy drunk bastard beat up real bad.

Yepp, Nice game, dude!!!

This game is awesome! Especially for the worms lovers!! I will save this at my computer!!
Oh yeah! If you wanna save any flash games without downloading it, just save this page. Find it on your folders, open this page files(if you not changed the name, the folder's name is 351862_files for this page). Open it, find the flash games inside it. Copy/ cut it(It's better to copy the file) to the new location. Delete the page if you want to the security reason (because sometimes internet pages, especially for games pages is contains viruses). Now, open that flash and play whenever you want.

where the easter eggs