Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

i love it

i make my worm look like its ready for war

Thumps up!

I had the same problem as memea, I couldn't start the game because the buttons are too low, but then I just opened the game in a pop-up window (below the "PLAY THIS GAME"). Great Game! Awesome music. 10/10


i have the same prob as Rummble but it LOOKS pretty kewl so i'll give it an 8 but cood u fix the prob? (i use a PC)

love it

i love it great game lol its fuuny as wel


Problem is i couldnt play it coz the play button was 2 far down and went of the screen! (Id be grateful if u could fix this...im a mac not a pc) but from the other reviews it looks cool so...MERRY CHRISTMAS!