Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

"He's the man who's gonna tell you off"

Brilliant choice of music, much effort into the graphics, and just downright addictiveness makes this one of the best dress-up/Christmas submissions EVER. If this doesn't get Daily Feature and win the Crimbo compo, I shall SPANK the Newgrounds public.


liked the santa clause song lol

bad edits always make me laugh.
The "Santa Clause Is Pissed" song is clearly a bad edit but a good one at that...

Who did that edit?

great idea...

Sorry for the non constructive reveiw....

Absofuckenlutely cool game !!!

Worms rock !! We all know that so what can I say Lets get ready for Rumble !!

Oh my God! Very funny Worm Flash!!

Congratulations my friend, I have a Worms Clan and thanks for this flash I make with this nice cristmas for my portal :D. Nice music, graphics and pieces on th Sigworm, great job! ^_^.

MMM! Can I put this flash in my worms clan web? :D


The coolest dress up game i ever seen! keep up the good work!