Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"


I like Worms, this was pretty well done and the music was f***ing hilarious


this was so sweet i love how u have so many choices of how to make ur sigworm this is all my 5 and is going in my fav's


i like the song ive got stuck in my head. very nice work the jesus look was cool. way better than the first one and a lot more choises. i got hooked on the game and i like it heaps.

Very nice work

There's hundreds of ways to do this. Good job. Can I ask for a track list of the songs on this so I can get the songs, because they were good choices too!

Splapp-me-do responds:

Thanks! There's a track list if you click Credits on the Menu.

Cool non-porno dress-up game!!!

I loved the devil stuff for when your worm is red! But I have to ask one thing: where did U get that song about santa being pissed? It was the best christmas song ever! Plz tell me!