Reviews for "Christmas Sigworminator"

Omg :O

Its really great but if you press the ? on the side a few times you will see the most ugly thing in the universe but still great.Oh ya like the badger alot :P

Best dress-up game ever!

This game was very well done. It's very hard to find games like this one,I mean you worked in everything even the smallest details and you made a good work with it. Congratulations for this incredible game and keep the good work! I don't really understand some people who say that the game needs more stuff to play and when you put a lot of things one guy appears and say "I can't do anything,it's too big" and give you a note 4,wtf....bunnywunny22,there's a lot of games made for retarded people like you,I think you can play one of them if you don't feel quite smart for this one.

i can't do anything

it's to BIG


This is nice!


its great , i love dress up games.