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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"

it was great.

man, what can i say? it was great. and i have seen a few great flash like this.truly. it showed the brotherhood, of two soldiers, and the pain when the one is gone, fighting for a better world. (man, i would like to make a movie about that.......)
i also liked the lines. <<go.>> <<i want you to be in one piece, rob.>> <<roger.>> <<spartans forever, tom>> .
it was great. as for the animation, perfect. i mean, you draw the movement and the characters ,great.... i think you used tablet. did you? still, it was great. i really liked this film, and it deserves a part on my favourites.congratulations.

Not bad for a first submission

It wasn't that bad for your first submission. Good idea, decent graphics and nice theme music.

But as always, there are things it could improve with. The sound for instance was kind of choppy and the music made the voices sound distant and hard to hear. If it weren't for the subtitles I wouldn't of been able to make it all out. There are various way to tackle this though. For one, you could make the music quiter and the voices louder and clearer. But a better way would be to, once it's finished, edit the sound file at certain points so that when the speaking parts come up, the music fades and the voices can be heard better. This also gives it a cool effect. The dialogue and voice acting could of been better too. Particulary that line: "I - I must finish the mission" was kind of corny and poorly said. Put more thought into your dialogue and more feeling into the lines when you say them. If you're going to voice act in future submissions I suggest you work on this. The animation needs some working on too. But I think it's just something that gets better with practice.

I was quite impressed, pretty good for a first submission. Work on these areas and you'll be getting awards in no time.
I gave it an overall 6.

lvl4l2C responds:

Thanks for the tips and suggestions! Yea, I'm not in drama or anything so...my acting isn't very good. I'll probably look for a voice actor next time. I know the sound wasn't the best quality :/ but ill look into that for my next flash. thanks for the comment


It was average, some nice touchs in it. I just thought it was a little lacking in action/drama. But try again next time.


this one is different from the others. being that it was based off the book. i have read the "Ghosts of Onyx" and i must come to say... on several acounts of the inapropriate actions of the Spartans. They do not speak so often on a mission nor do they make contact with one another by physical contact. Also, they do not speak there voices when a fellow Spartan dies. I also believe that in this particualar mission, timed explosives would not have been used and the two would've stayed together. don't get me wrong it was a decent video, i'm just giving my opinion thats all.

so you stole the target, and the names, from the

BOOK?! dude, thats low. and the spartans had what was it, 4 projects, the 1st Failed. the 2nd created John (master cheif) the third Created these guys. and the refenary was in the book too. i don't blame ya' cuz' it's hard to think up stuff in this kind of story, with it having a huge story line and stuff.