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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"

good but...

That was pretty cool but man there names are tom and rob...... And the line spartan's for ever i mean come on other than that it was cool you can tell alot of time when in to it good job.


I'm not a really big Halo fan, but that kicked so much ass..... definitly front page worthy. 5/5 :D

i agree

halo CAN be halo without MC everywhere.

you did a great job on this but the running was somewhat weird...BUT your style of animation was pretty cool.

and i liked the MJOLNIR armor interface you made.

overall good job

keep up the good work:P

"Amazing story and Great music"

It was incredible, but the video wasnt accurate Kelly was the sniper not Tom
and the number of the spartans do not start with a letter it starts with 11.
Quite good. the story was awesome.I feel a video myself coming on. Tom didnt die that heroicly.But when the rest died before they made it added alot of suspense


for one i like your choice of music for two the graphics were great and three SPARTANS FOR EVER!!!!!!!! 8/10