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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"


Dat is Freakin Awesome

That Was Amazing

You are a very Talented animator, I would be Guessing Halo Wars missions will be Like That,
The was Only one Thing I realy Disliked it was taht over used Movie Clip and Mabey Lower The Music Volume makes it easier to hear what they say, But this was a true work af art, The Aliens were drawn amazing.

lvl4l2C responds:

Thanks man. I'll try to use less movie clips next time and lower the volume of music when dialogue comes in. I appreciate the feedback


very nice! 9/10 stars. you earned it, and it was good for a first. my first flash was a ball bouncing then turning into a bomb and blowing up... anywho! good job!


very well done, you can do much better tho, i cant, but ur on the right track to makeing one o them great flash we all watch

Very nice

You seriously got skill. especially with all of the hand-drawn parts, and when the invisible elite came out and attacked the shield. it defiantely has major potential if you could add a bit more frames per second cuz it seemed kinda laggy... but other than that, i liked it bro