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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"

Nice Concept

I liked how the storyline was going, but the voices really needed work. Maybe clear them up or use something better to make sure we could actually get the sound that we may have wanted, if you know what I mean. It was good though.

Not so good

You forgot Lucy!!!!! and you mixed up the description its not the 2nd its the 3rd cause if you read all of the books then you would know why. Other than that you sort of did a nice job.


this one is different from the others. being that it was based off the book. i have read the "Ghosts of Onyx" and i must come to say... on several acounts of the inapropriate actions of the Spartans. They do not speak so often on a mission nor do they make contact with one another by physical contact. Also, they do not speak there voices when a fellow Spartan dies. I also believe that in this particualar mission, timed explosives would not have been used and the two would've stayed together. don't get me wrong it was a decent video, i'm just giving my opinion thats all.

My Favorite Halo Short

Awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD
Blowed me away
Pls make a series:)


Great work, firstly congratz for a first time flash good graphics. This flash is one of my favourites. Please make a series of this making Tom the main character, or even throw in some SPARTAN II's to help the SPARTAN III's. Such as Fred, Kelly etc. Nicely done. And Spartans for ever!