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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"

I don't know if this would exactly fit Halo

Every thing about it is great but I don't know if it would fit into the world of Halo...


it made me kinda hate 117 cuz while hes at earth the others r in heck but in fall of reach 117 had emotions but most dont i give 9 could use some work on spartons the amor is lil diffrent and vocies need work i mean its a good vid but needs some more work srry man.


nice job on ur first submission (most first submissions r crap!). good animation too.

so you stole the target, and the names, from the

BOOK?! dude, thats low. and the spartans had what was it, 4 projects, the 1st Failed. the 2nd created John (master cheif) the third Created these guys. and the refenary was in the book too. i don't blame ya' cuz' it's hard to think up stuff in this kind of story, with it having a huge story line and stuff.


What was that? I'm sorry. but this is just horrible.