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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"

ohh god!

i got that game on my XBOX console and its great that parody but,there aren't any missions like that at least : | i completed it but the video was awesome.u impressed me buddy.respond me please i will like that : )


This flash was great. There were only a few complants. The spartans don't really look like spartans, it could use a little more animation, and the voices could use more emotion. But that aside, this was awsome and deserves front page.

lvl4l2C responds:

Yea, I'm not a voice actor and neither is my friend but we tried haha.
I tried to get away from the MC look because these spartans are suppose to be from the 2nd project and I was just thinking of new armour for them. thanks for the comment!

nicely done

nicely done bu very cheasy


This is your first? it's amazing the graphics were just great. The story was kinda sad. Best first flash dude.

Now that was good!

That was really good, I liked everything about that movie and the idea od other Spartans being around rocks!