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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"

very very awesome!

If this truly is your first flash, It's definately frontpage material!!!

Graphics: not the best I've seen, but it all went smoothly and it was nice.
Style: It's Halo, that's always great!!!
Sound: it's ashame of the voice-overs and shit, it was to fucking low, but it thanks to the subtitles it was allright.
Violence: Dead covenant elites and hunters and explosions, Hell Yeah
Humor: Tom & Rob hahaha


I'm not a really big Halo fan, but that kicked so much ass..... definitly front page worthy. 5/5 :D

That Was Amazing

You are a very Talented animator, I would be Guessing Halo Wars missions will be Like That,
The was Only one Thing I realy Disliked it was taht over used Movie Clip and Mabey Lower The Music Volume makes it easier to hear what they say, But this was a true work af art, The Aliens were drawn amazing.

lvl4l2C responds:

Thanks man. I'll try to use less movie clips next time and lower the volume of music when dialogue comes in. I appreciate the feedback


I like it. Actually if you read the book HALO:First Strike it takes place after the fall of reach and inbeteewn halo 1 and 2 and it gose in dept to the other spartan units not on the pillar of attum but still survived the destuction of reach

Not Bad

The voice acting could be a little better, and the voices themselves sound a little muffled, so it was smart to include the sub-titles, but other than that, not bad.