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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"


the best ever!

100% awsome 0% crap

AWSOME man i dont know what to say this flash took my breath away REALY it did make another plz!!! :D

it was great.

man, what can i say? it was great. and i have seen a few great flash like this.truly. it showed the brotherhood, of two soldiers, and the pain when the one is gone, fighting for a better world. (man, i would like to make a movie about that.......)
i also liked the lines. <<go.>> <<i want you to be in one piece, rob.>> <<roger.>> <<spartans forever, tom>> .
it was great. as for the animation, perfect. i mean, you draw the movement and the characters ,great.... i think you used tablet. did you? still, it was great. i really liked this film, and it deserves a part on my favourites.congratulations.

Loved it

hey i like the fact you used Never Surrender for the credits and good job too bad that Bob died by the way spartans are named without letters before the numbers for example Spartan - 117

lvl4l2C responds:

ahhh but the spartans of the second project get letters ;)


Wow this was good to bad for bob, at first i thought this was about how MC beame the only spartan left but i read the thing on page, but gj making this flash.