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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"

I'm glad someone reads the books, other than me.

I like the way that each scene flowed smoothy into the next, and it captured my entire vision of the battle Pegasi Delta. Looking forward to more.

i think im in luv.

dude i love this...
its my favorite
the whole thing flow so smoothly
love the graphics..

very good

glad to see it. my only comment was: there were more spartans, and the squad was only about, 12 yrs old..not in their 20's... only prob. otherwise it was great.

The guy before me is an idiot...

The dude before me appearantly never read your description...(It's a god damn prologue shithead ><!) and he's saying the 2nd project! And it's based on the book (You know, those things made of trees with letters on them!) no the freaking game!

okay then.

first of all, being an avid Halo:CE and Halo 2 vet., I know that the master chief is the only known survivor of the spartan race. if you didn't know that before now, then wow.

lvl4l2C responds: