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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"


hey m8 great job I just got done reading Halo:Ghosts of Onix.....Great job tying it in with the book


very nice! 9/10 stars. you earned it, and it was good for a first. my first flash was a ball bouncing then turning into a bomb and blowing up... anywho! good job!


That was pretty cawesome, i like the way u went into first person on their visors, even if they look like they're from republic commando. o well, now what are the odds of the elite nailing the bomb in one shot, that was kinda funny. good job though.

Dude it was good

it was good but the mission was way to easy for the use of even a single sparten let alone 4 of them 2 squads of marines or less could of done this

I see you have read the books

I think it was good.Could be longer though.I think everyone should read the books instead of trying to make up stuff that happened before Halo.But anyway pretty good job.