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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"

Beautifully crafted, keep up the good work!

Plot follows with the book just fine, not perfect, but none ever is ;)
Graphics are insane for a first movie.
Style is classic, and fresh, keep this part up especially!
Sound is much better than average, but hey, it isn't hi-def.
As for violence, the original plot had just as much, which isn't gore-ific.
Interactivity goes to pushing the play button, but hey, it's a movie.
In this case, no humor is a good thing, so don't worry about that.
Overall, a great watch!

Keep it up, you will be in the hall of legends!


very well done, you can do much better tho, i cant, but ur on the right track to makeing one o them great flash we all watch


But the voice overs were really cheesy, I mean "Spartans forever"?!1 oh wait. i guess they say that in the book too, but i never read those... graphics were okay btw. i couldnt have done any better

***** 5 star stuff it rocks

that was great it was totaly wat i want to see on ng, too bad it was pretty short o well


the Spartans reminded me of Stormtroopers fro Star Wars.... but in green
very nice job on the movie, soundtrack was awesome