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Reviews for "HALO: The Other Spartans"

Very nice music

The music was cool and the theme before the singing is also on halo but except in halo it doesnt have the singing any way nice job

Great Job

you idiots this video is abou the SPARTANS III that is why their visiors are diffrent that why they have B in their names but great job you would know about the new spartans if you read the book

well done

but sam also stayed back becuase his armor was damaged and if he stepped out the ship he would die instantly.

well, did you read the halo books?

actually, this was almost the same as one of the scenes from the book. the spartans names were, john ( master cheif ), linda, sam, fred and kelly. But sam sacrificed himself to protect the bomb from being diffused and blew up with the bomb, not because some elite shot it. anyway, nice work and you got the hud and helmet visor all wrong... if it offends you, i am sorry.

Nice . . . for a first timer . . .

I thought it was rather nice for a first timer, however, it was a little too melodramatic and everything went WAY too well, as no one was injured, just 1 person was KIA. What really irked me, and that I couldn't stand to watch (sorry, I really am, but it's the truth) was when they were running, the movement conveyment between the legs/feet and the ground was far too slow. I didn't like the quality of the voice acting, and the lines were kinda, er . . . cheesy. I mean like oh "Rob your sacrifice won't be in vein" I didn't really get it, or I understood it, but I just didnt see the point of having that line there, I didn't really see the connection. And also Tom's reaction time to Rob was a bit too slow, I mean, like 3 seconds not moving, then he just suddenly is flipped and is facing Rob; it was too choppy. As well, the laser that hit the control panel looked like a web ball spun by Spiderman. But I liked you're music selection. However I didn't see the connection between the pods and the factory too well. Otherwise I liked for your first one. BTW, look I'm not trying to be an asshole or Simon Cowell.