Reviews for "Weerd Flazh 5"


that was incredible. I sure hope that you will continue to submit stuff to newgrounds!

A lol-ape?:\

I also enjoyed the "take on me" scene =)
it's nicely smooth done.

But I didnt liked the lol-ape at the end.
So I give you a 8 instead of a 9 or a 10 :D


that was fucked up lol. I liked it except one part, the end with the mario related thing. good work though

So Simple yet Fun To Watch.

I enjoyed the black and white hand drawn-hybrid segment. I do wish to see more adventures with these food products.

You, my friend, are a friggin genius.

That was amazing. Great graphics, hilarious soundtrack, and you have an outstandingly skewed style... and I like it! Funniest stuff all week!