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Reviews for "~|| Video Games [new]"


-Wow is an accurate summation of this song. I'm not sure what you did to edit this but the suggestions that the previous reviewers gave really seemed to bring the liveliness out in this song. Everything is just so powerful and resounding, showing itself out of the main electronic melody. A lot of care was taken into making this song all that it could be.

-I know everyone is already saying this to you but 0:45 was beautiful. The change of pace with the flawless transition into the chords. The overlapping styles make this very interesting to listen to because it's a very strong kicking song with a lot of electronic and classical mix ins. Amazing job with this one and good luck with works in the future.

-Review Request Club

Thumbs up!

I have to be completely honest with you. XD I could never give you a good proper critique on your music because I suck at it. ;P I think there's tons of energy in the song (even more so with the new one). I also agree that the progression at 0:45 is spectacular. XD I wish I could give you some helpful advice, but this sounds awesome to me, as is! :)

Nice one!

I'm not much of a "techno" guy, I usually listen to rock or metal music but I was really surprised in a good type of way when I listened to it.

I enjoyed the fusion of the 8-bits sounds and the techno sounds. I must say that anything with 8-bit instrument sounds cool, it reminds me of the old video games, this is priceless :). Though I assume it must have been challenging to mix up those two genre; so kudos you provide us with something very interesting.

I liked the chords progression, especially when the strings play it around 0:45 for example, that's beautiful. The transitions are really smooth, enjoyed how the "transe" synth comes in around 1:05. Nice bass line too! Though I have a complaint about the drums, especially the snare drum. I would have enjoyed something very 8-bit-ish or some something really techno-ish but the snare you used here was kinda in the middle of those two sounds... It sounded too natural to me, I would have expected some highly processed snare here.

As BUCHANKO previously said, the song lacked of energy, you could use some post production plug ins such as Waves MultiMaximizer which is an awesome limiter. You could also work on the bass drum sound and add some distortion and fatness to it :).

Other than that, I enjoyed this song, which is not always the case when it comes to electronic music! :) I fived it.

T-Free responds:

Hey, thank you so much for the constructive suggestions, Sonofkirk! It'll be a favor to work on all the things you've mentioned. I'm always glad to get helpful reviews like this! :)


I like this!! All these effects, mixed with some 8-bit sounds and those techno beats and intruments and what do you get, an awesome song called Video Games. I enjoyed listening this one, full score from me, and must download this!

Thanks for this song!

T-Free responds:

You're welcome, thanks for the great review, I'll do my best to offer some good music in future, too. :)