Reviews for "TFS Football"

I'm not a fan of football in really any part, but this wasn't bad. My only complaint was that it seemed to have a poor understanding of how to pass the ball. I clicked Space or just clicked on the other guy and it did not work. I do think this is in fact a nice representation of a football game. I only watch the Super Bowl, because everyone does. It's pretty fine.

I think the designs could have been a bit better. Of course, that might have been too hard. It still would have been nice, though. The sounds were pretty good. It should please fans.

Fun game

You should make another version with clubs in it like Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea, Barca, etc.


i cant use any player.. only when someone got the ball. WTF!!

Ambitious, not bad

Responsiveness and your team's AI need to be vastly improved.

Good idea and sometimes when a sweet goal works, this game is unique. I like planning the runs and passes.

Names of players would make this a million times cooler too.


The CPU is retarded. Half the time they would just sit around looking at the other team go by. The controls made me feel like Corky from Life Goes On. Serious problems.