Reviews for "Bend Over Bin Laden"

fun at first, but then gets boring

this is hilarious at first, but after you kill about 10 bin ladens, it kinda gets repetitive. the missle launcher moves too slow, and it is irritating to have to press the space bar all the time, you should just have to click the mouse like all the other games. it was ok though. props to you for using a camel and flying carpet!


sucks..sucks...sucks...sucks.. .

pretty cool

ok, but it fucking KICKS ASS to see that shit explode all over the desert!!

good stuff

I loved how his dead body exploded all over the desert. It was a ton of fun to play. Great graphics.

Bin Laden dead for good?

Well, I played this game. It was cool and funny especially when he was on the flying carpet. I still think there should be someone to make a game where Bin Laden works in a 711 and you have to steal candy plus buy slurpees and he comes chasing after you, but anyways..This game is cool especially when Bin Laden splatters all over the desert. Thats probably the coolest part of the game. Now I just want to find the rat bastard and do the same thing to him. Anyone know if I can get it his head as a souvineer?