Reviews for "Bend Over Bin Laden"

Good idea

Here are my suggestions to make this better or for a sequel thing:
>Make it so the blood stays there so you can see all his blood all over the place.
>Use different weapons like flamethrower, shotgun, or some kind of massive aerial bombardment, etc....
>Make it so you can fire with the left mouse button (as well if you want).
>Make it so you can shoot all over the screen, so he can actually fly in his flying carpet and so you can shoot the planes that pass be for some bonus weapon or points.
>Make an end to the game, or have levels where you have to kill him so many times and in every level he gets progessively faster or something.
>Have some kind of high scorers systems so people can see how many other people have got.
>The planes, you could have two types, one good, t'other bad. Shoot bad and you get points (or weapons or lives) and shoot the good one and lose a life.

Those are my suggestions which would (I believe) make this game legendary.
I liked the graphics and explosions, but this is very very repetitive and gets boring very soon. It was a good idea, well it was quite original anyway. Good luck making a sequel or an improvement if you do decide on making one.
Damn, I hate long speeches... To anyone reading this review and thinking of playing the game I say that you should, but don't expect anything to come up other than a terrorist.


sorry i dint like it its to repetative and boring sorry dude better luk next time


this game was fun but it gets boring after a while. it might be more fun if there were different weapons. maybe a flamethrower so you could light his carpet on fire and watch him burn in the air.

carpet rider

run osoma run little basterd


Not the best but good. I like the way you have to time your shots so that Osama runs into the missiles.
Could be better.
Its biggest flaw is it repeats itself, so it becomes boring. And the sounds were pretty dull.

But besides that, good work.