Reviews for "Bend Over Bin Laden"

hey its weirds

it all right

sad and humourless


This game kicks ass man.

The previous reveiwers, who referred to 9/11 as "not that bad", I personally think you deserved to be hung over a vat of alchohal from your dick, then be whipped. Then they should chop of your dick at that place right above yours balls, so you lose both of the articles. Then you fall into the alchohal, and if the pain doesn't kill you, I suggest they dump acid on you to finish it off. I hope you end up in hell with osama and the gang, and you are raped by fat, ugly, tranvestites for the rest of your eternity in hell. Anway this game rules!

one of the few games that keeps me occupied 5 secs

an awesome game! its one of the few games out there that keeps me occupied for more than 5 seconds. and thats saying a lot!

good shiznozzle

kick ass game but 9/11 is definetly old and people need to get over it. it wasnt that tragic, worse things have happened and the last guy to review this was a christian, ass raping retard.