Reviews for "[KgZ] You Can't Stop Me!"


for one, there's plenty of percussion... dunno what he's talking about...

for two.. .WTF AWESOME......... megamanish awesomeness.

need i say more.

hey ^_^

you could totally be the next paragon9x ^~^ XD!!~!

seriously though awesome job kigz. your music will take you far

got dang

so good

So damn catchy!

The Latin influence gives it such an interesting flavor. Oooo, I love it. Never heard of the game. What is an "indie game"? Sounds like it'll be good though, what an awesome in-level song this will be. No one with a conscience could vote less than 4 or 5 on this.

Wow nice.

I want to make a hardstyle remix of this... but I wouldn't know where to start. So much potential into making a remix of this track.

If this track is completely original, which I believe it is, then I'm impressed.

Nice job bro, keep it up.

KgZ responds:

Thank you sir, yes it's completely original. If you are interested in making a remix, I can supply you with a midi or .logic file if by any chance you use Logic Pro.

You can always contact me through PM or AIM: kgz2747