Reviews for "[KgZ] You Can't Stop Me!"

So damn catchy!

The Latin influence gives it such an interesting flavor. Oooo, I love it. Never heard of the game. What is an "indie game"? Sounds like it'll be good though, what an awesome in-level song this will be. No one with a conscience could vote less than 4 or 5 on this.

got dang

so good

hi there! long time no see!

once again, you impress me with this 8bit Game style song. it's totally Megaman element in it hehe. totally great, dude.

hey ^_^

you could totally be the next paragon9x ^~^ XD!!~!

seriously though awesome job kigz. your music will take you far

Yeah 5/5 10/10

Another master piece from a genius composer I'm serious... how do you do it :O like, ALL your songs are GREAT even your DEMO song are good, if you keep this up you are gonna be the next ParagonX9