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Reviews for "Multicolour Octopus Ink.."

Thanks for sharing....

This is awesome.

Kingbastard responds:

You're most welcome. Thanks for listening:)


The black wall stood before me, endless as I could have never imagined. I had heard stories of it before, and had thought of it to be terrifying, strange, and terrible. Now I lay before it, out of breath, and drowning underneath its endless waves. The wall grows darker, and i sink into it as my heart calms. My pupils grow white, and my body becomes lifeless.

It isn't all that bad; death. I felt pain at first, but now I can't feel anything. All my fears, emotions, everything is gone. I just feel... relaxed. I begin to travel deeper into the wall, journeying farther into the unknown. It's alright, I think, or at least I think I think... hmm. Do I have a brain anymore? Is this all real? This is strange. The deeper I get the stronger the urge grows to go deeper. I dont feel curiosity or bewilderment, I just feel a physical pull.

The wall takes me farther, and soon I begin to realize that I am no longer surrounded by darkness. Lights of strange colors begin to glow around me, dancing in the current of the abyss. I stare at their luring colors and sing with them. They call to me and take me into a new world. A white light cuts open the pitch black, and takes me through.

I fall on top of a large, grassy plain. The hills surround me with an everlasting stare. They welcome me, and I feel safe. They watch after me, they care for me, and they love me. I walk closer to them, and watch the multicolored octopus float over head. Its body moves from side to side in the gentle breeze. It dances in the wind, and calls for me. I reach its astronomical grasp, and it takes me. I am now his.

I float in its universe, gliding with its planets and twinkling with its stars. The world spins around me, lighting up with strange and exotic forms that speak to me with chaotic tones. I don't know what they are.. who they are... all I know is that I am inside of the multicolored octopus, and it has me trapped.

I walk ontop of the bridge, hoping to find a way out. I walk. I stride. I run. I breath. I feel pain. I feel terror. I feel hunger. I feel icy hands wrapped around my throat, crushing my soul. I didn't make it. I fell underneath the grasp of the mighty multicolored octopus, and now I am a tortured soul amongst a dead universe of nothingness.

I fall forever. I walk forever. I am blind forever.

I am the octopus and it is me.

Kingbastard responds:


Thanks for this and for starting that thread in the Audio Forum too, shame about all the people having a go at you for doing it, but it's always the way, tiny minded fools haha:)


the beginning didnt catch me at all... the ambient noises alone sound pretty bad.... starting around 1:00 though... it caught my interest.

Love your vocal work, and the slow pace of the song.
The mix between an emulated guitar and the real thing made it sound surreal... very unique in my opinion.

Around 2:30? turned itself into a more mainstream type of song... something i'd hear on the soundtrack to some kind of movie. Freaking amazing.


I'm more into the more vocal stuff like "Sitting" and "Back to the Front", but I'm starting to enjoy this ambient stuff, too.
I like the electronic-sounding effects you put in, like at 2:20. Wish there were a few more of them.
The guitar sounds awesome. It's very harp-like with the plucking. Have you ever thought of investing in buying a harp?

Overall it's pretty good, but I guess ambient stuff, as a whole, just doesn't have enough solid substance for me.
In general, though, I'll always love your music; it has influenced my own music quite a bit.