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Reviews for "Multicolour Octopus Ink.."


Man, it's been two years since I wrote that weird review for Sitting Me Bill and I still listen to your stuff and admire it. But it saddens me that you don't upload that much anymore. Keep up making music man, you're gifted!

Kingbastard responds:

Thanks man, you can still listen to/stream a load of my stuff both new and old at kingbastardmusic.com ;) I do upload stuff to here quite regularly, but it just gets ignored and zero-bombed so eventually I take it down after about a month of no reviews and few downloads. It's a bit soul destroying to have material you put a lot of effort into completely ignored, so thanks for continuing to drop by and review.


Super cool.

I first heard this in the Dream Inside A Collab entry. It suited it perfectly, except for the fight scene, which didn't actually fit in the collab.

Is there a non-lyric version? That would be way cooler.

That harmonica bit is pretty cool. It deeply reminded me of Time Fcuk, a game which is as scary as HELL.

Holy shit, is the full title really:

"Multicolour Octopus Ink Nightmares, a slice of mellow, psychedelic, dark, brooding ambient soundscapes, guitar and vocals, building to a euphonious choral crescendo."

Or was that a misread!?

I like the OCTOPUS.

I like it's very pretty sounding, reminiscent of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" (in the beginning, then later sounds like Pink Floyd; either way, awesome!).

I think if you put some real lyrics in the beginning you could get it to be put in a movie (in a scene of someone looking around, sad slo-mo clips, you know what I mean?)


love this song, and glad i learned how to play it! :D
its all barring btw, idk what the chords are though...

great song

the riff played all throughout the song sounds a lot like Radiohead's I Might Be Wrong (starting at 3:53) anyways, great work and atmosphere that you create however. And I commend you on this great piece of art