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Reviews for "Red Light City"

Really Good

Amazing as always! Sounds like something from the Tarboy Soundtrack but with vocals. Great job.

hania responds:

*taps nose and winks eye


Amazing lyrics, kind of makes me think of New York City!
The melody gave me (good) chills in places.
But the real genius lies in the the piano, synth, and percussion in the background, it's almost like industrial! An amazing piece overall.


i can only give you a 10 because it doesn't go any higher. this song blew me away, the beginning is great, and the way you kept the song going was real smoothe, too bad the song isn't any longer would have loved too hear some more. great song !


Is it possible for you to not be amazing? Everything you do is great! Keep it up

Girl You Got Something Here

This real good I wish it was longer but it still good to listen to