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Reviews for "Red Light City"


Amazing lyrics, kind of makes me think of New York City!
The melody gave me (good) chills in places.
But the real genius lies in the the piano, synth, and percussion in the background, it's almost like industrial! An amazing piece overall.

This song is amazing...

and your voice is a perfect match for the song.

Amy Lee is smexy :P

Your voice sounds kind of like Amy Lee's from Evanesence, but a little more airy and higher, which fits your music. Good job!

Its alright.

I Like the song and all but the voice just does not fit the song and ive heard your voice in others...idk your missing something and its driving me up a wall.

Put your music on Itunes

I guarantee you youll become popular (you allready are on ng) and you could make some money from your talent!