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Reviews for "Red Light City"

luv it

i luv u and ur music its like an addaiction to me

hah hah, wow XD

I would never have thought about how saturation and masturbation would rhyme (ugh, now I'll be thinking about this every time saturation is mentioned in my chemistry class XP)

but, contradictory to NecroSoldier, I think that a short song very much matches the theme of the song.

hania responds:

Great. Now you've got me thinking of Chemistry every time I think about masturbation. :p

Enjoyed it.


So close

This is an good song, but it could have been so much better. It is just to short and a bit monotone for my taste. If it was 1-2 minutes longer and had a bit more different melodies it would be so damn awesome.

:0 awesome

omg ... i freaking love you! well i mean your music . awesome song and you make great music if you had a CD it would be in my car every day haha