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Reviews for "Spaced Out! (Episode 2A)"

Very nice

That was really good i loved the changing picture thing and the british jokes where well funny. Although to be fair not all brits like tea and crumpets, well i do i gusse and all my family and friends except one but then he’s not british.


it wasn't that good, the first one was way better.. I didn't really like the jokes and the sounds seemed to be too late all the time. Try to make the sound better.. good luck

50-50.. Old chap

Hmm the jokes felt like they where a little forced.. perhaps a little out of sinc with each other.. Im not sure it has the same effect as a space comedy such as red dwarf or that funny series made by retarded animal babys ^^.. It just needs a little a tune up, perhaps on animation too, although the error screening was pretty funny ^^, I liked it though, the voice acting was pretty clear and punctual to which is always good for the series.. for us limey british bastards of course >.> 4/5

I'm British

And I found your movie funny, though the jokes about the british are old an out dated.

Quite funny but...

You used the french national anthem for the brits, do you know how offensive that is? I'm British and by god sir you shal rue this day!

grim-studios responds:

Hey! You're the first to notice! :)