Reviews for "Spaced Out! (Episode 2A)"

This movie puts the fun in funk! Also the k!

This is the best movie I've ever seen (that had me in it). You can tell you worked really hard on it (for a very, very, seemingly endless long time). My favourite parts were Stan's Mom and Planet British. But enough from Bezo, let's hear from the main himself: ROBO-BOB!


I'm curious as to why there was so little me in this episode. I'm quite clearly the star, in spite of my third billing status. If you won't give me more dialogue, you should at least give me more things to hit. Shame on you, Grim Studios. Oh, and tell Stan I said *WHACK*


What a guy. Good work, dude. Definitely five'd, fave'd and feve'd!


grim-studios responds:

Thanks for the feve! And Robo-Bob, there's more screen-time for ya next time, I promise. OW! Stop it! I said I promise! Oof!

Like Family Guy meets Futurama

Really, do i have to say anything else?

grim-studios responds:

If that's not a compliment, I don't know what is! :)

Just how I like it.

The movie is short, animated well, and delivers a cheap good laugh.
I don't know how it got only daily 5th place.
I voted five.

Very nice

That was really good i loved the changing picture thing and the british jokes where well funny. Although to be fair not all brits like tea and crumpets, well i do i gusse and all my family and friends except one but then he’s not british.


Didn't expect such a good laugh, and ended up almost shooting a root beer float through my nose. Trapped souls. Rofl. Also, good animation.

grim-studios responds:

Thanks, man! I feel like I've accomplished something!