Reviews for "Spaced Out! (Episode 2A)"


Well, the animation was good.... sound was pretty good as well, but it just wasn't funny at all. I don't know why it said suitable for ages 13+, cause anyone over 13 should'nt laugh.


The jokes were... much too bland. It looks like you have watched some sort of famous comedy (Red Dwarf), and have done something there, which is a good start, but you really need to make us laugh. Spend MUCH more time on thinking up scripts, if you can't get something spantaneous. Spontenuety usually is more common when your working with one or two other people, but that really slows down the whole picture.
Also, I'd like to protest against the BLATANT copy of the character of cat from Red Dwarf. (I'd like to ask if you watch the english or the watered-down american version. PM me.) Not only is this copy unnacceptable, why couldnt you copy KRYTEN? Or Rimmer? They are much funnier characters.
I liked the way you answered to all your reveiws, or at least the ones of your first episode.
What made me chuckle was the sign in the British ship (Crackers, wensleydale ect.), but that wasn't really part of the animation.
All in all, a good, although bland start. May I suggest using less space orientated storylines, since it is a sort of copy of both Red Dwarf and Space Tree (google it), but also to watch various other comedy shows like Father Ted (Ireland, catholisism and swearing galore)
'Allo 'Allo (Very silly, very french, very "2nd world war-y")
Men Behving Badly (The english one, not the american one)

Thats all! I think you have lots of potential.

i find

your stereotyping british thats just out of order by the way "tea" isnt very known in britain we dont actually drink that much tea well i dont!

Front Page? Really?

Sorry but what a pointless entry. There wasn't a single part at which I laughed at, the voice acting is terrible and often the sound didn't match the animation - on the plus side the graphics are ok but there's still very little attention to detail.

Ultimately your priority for next time should be to write a good script - what's the point in animating something that's never going to be good no matter how good the animation? Don't be too discouraged though, I still see some potential...


Is probably how I'd describe it. It was all a bit monotonous. I'm British but the parody didn't bother me, the fact that you did a really crappy accent did though. I didn't laugh once, I saw the humour, but it just didn't work for me. And the voice acting sounded way too scripted.