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Reviews for "Spaced Out! (Episode 2A)"


oh, and give him a break, it's just a stupid stereotype, everyone makes them, so there's no reason to rip him a new one about it

***I Love your work!!! =]

Keep making more...That is all I have to say!!!


ye good

yes good but leave of the Brits, we are not all like the queen and don't take 'afternoon tea and crumpets wot wot' i hate stereotypes. and by the way all americans are big fat mcdonalds-eating war-mongers :)

i find

your stereotyping british thats just out of order by the way "tea" isnt very known in britain we dont actually drink that much tea well i dont!

Poker would be more interesting

Actually, I think this could be a lot better, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a few more episodes