Reviews for "Hero WAR"

ace again

I watched this after I watched the second one.. and this is equally as excellent!

That was really really..

Awsome. Both this one and the sequal, it's some of the most entertaining flash i've ever seen on newgrounds.

I'd vote 6 on both submissions, but since i can't, 5 will have to do :s

Hope you're gonna make more of these :)

I think I like the first a little better

Hero war and Hero war 2 are great... let's try to compare them

1- HW has batman, the terminator, but HW2 has chapolin
-- HW wins, barely

2- HW2 has many characters at once in the screen, but in HW you
can see what each character does more closely.
-- tie

3- In HW the characters interact with the environment (destroying walls. making the light shake - HW2 doesn't have that.
-- HW wins

4- The battles in HW2 are funnier, and the sound is better
-- HW2 wins

Both are great, but I think I like the first a little better :-)

Bruce Campbell.

Holy shit you are my new idol

Fucking awesome!!!

I like those hero war series they are nice they are awesome the are the best series!!!!