Reviews for "Hero WAR"

very entertaining

Ahh, I like the other one's (Battle of Titans) atmosphere better -- climbing in the building and on top of it... But this one has cooler characters. :) I was able to recognize a lot more of them... Poor Chewbacca died so fast, didn't even put up a fight. :P

Great job! So far these animations are a hundred times better than the 'madness' ones, particularly because it seems each character has unique fighting moves and they're all based on real superheroes! I love it!

Haha, Ryu was there too. :]


i thot it waz cool!

that was so cool!

taht ws soo cool soemof the heros i dint even know lol

nice man

the sub-zero from the new mortal kombat can kill half the guys


all three together, and you LITERALLY have everyone well done