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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong TND 4"


lol wtf was that


Tis is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I would say that this is even better than the original. The fake orgasm scene was <i>perfect</i> in every way.

I so hope you make more flash.


This is one of the best Phoenix Wrongs I've ever seen. The best (I thought) were Requiem (omg i fell of my seat), foxy, the major orgasm, let my cameron go, i'm horny, and the post game. I thought the other once were just there. To give people a break from laughing at the others. Other than that minor point, it was amazing.


I liked #6...


Love it. Love all of them.

But just a quick word about the author's comments...

*whisper's in author's ears hundreds of reasons not to bash world of warcraft*

...and finally, every time you make fun of World of Warcraft on the web, a tauren baby is smothered by it's mother...SO DON'T DO IT AGAIN, GODDAMNIT!

Anyways, 5/5.