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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong TND 4"

*gets to part with brown-haired girl*


um.....Do I want to know?
*Gets to next scene*
....I'm sure the judge will be happy to hear that.
lots of lols and awkward moments the whole way.


someone has probably already sed this but 12 drugs of chirstmas is tenacious d :P


ill have what shes having too
it sounds orgasmic*wink*


Love it. Love all of them.

But just a quick word about the author's comments...

*whisper's in author's ears hundreds of reasons not to bash world of warcraft*

...and finally, every time you make fun of World of Warcraft on the web, a tauren baby is smothered by it's mother...SO DON'T DO IT AGAIN, GODDAMNIT!

Anyways, 5/5.


That orgasm thing was...very disturbing. Not the best video I've seen from u...