Reviews for "Toadstools payback"


lol that was pretty funny. mario had it comin for him. great graphis too

needs humor

i thought stuff was supposed to be funny idk iguess not dumbass anywho you did a good job on grafics and drawings and you didnt even use sprites with are cool but w/e anywho you need to like give sombody 5 dollars to come up with some humor for your flash

Lol Awesome

I enjoyed that one thoroughly lol the music was kinda catchy :x


Dude that was awesome! Even though the animations were simple at least they were not sprites taken straight off a game. Might want to put a little more action in though and some more detail but besides that GREAT!


Better than what I expected!

I must say that I've been impressed by this flash!

The drawings are pretty good, maybe they are a bit choppy sometimes (I particulary didn't like the arms), but those are minor flaws that you'll soon solve in future works ;)

The movements are pretty good aswell. Not so good is the lip-sync, but nothing too serious. Also, some movements aren't that well executed, but most of them are ok. I liked the job you did with the glows. You only use them when necessary, good job with that!

The song fits with the flash, nothing else to comment about that.

Seeing some random and pointless fighting is always good if well executed, and this is the case, great job! :D

Looking foward more!