Reviews for "Toadstools payback"


This was a really good Mario / Toad Flash. I loved the battle scenes and music really pulled the flash together. The weapons were good, but they would be even better if they were more of the Mario style. Overall...AWESOME!

Go me!!! I am a savior!

I gave this movie a 4, and what do you know? I saved this! No applause! Just throw money!

it was really good....

it was really good.... but, the scenario wasnt.i mean, dragon ball z powerballs and halo swords? i mean, come on, do something more creative and fun, because you can draw really well, dont waste that talent.....yeah, like.so.and it was nice i guess.

Not bad actully....pretty good

Impressive.......compared to the "other" musical movies on here, this is the Ultimate Showdown of them all....(You know, the legand)

Good i enjoy this greatly

I love this it was a fine work of flash and should be front page.