Reviews for "Toadstools payback"

Cool song.

I love it! The song rocks! The animation kinda sucks but it's still good!

How about a cup of tea?

I watched this movie with detached interest. Seemed like Toad spent most of his time showing off than actually fighting.

way to go

wow this was so good...i think that u should definately make a dragon ball z movie and have someone become a super saiyan...maybe the super saiyan should have his name start with a J or maybe R. but good show i thought it was really good


excellent job

I like the art style you used (mario looked a little short for his height), also while watching the video, it looked like you based some elements on Naruto, DBZ & One Piece (not a bad thing), also I liked the video credits, the only part I didn't really like about the video was when a scene appeared and toad would always say yeah, other then that, great video (Toad is my 2'nd favorite mario character, with luigi in 1'st) also after watching the video it gave me another idea for a flash video

Awesome, Funny Movie.

Loved the way it followed the song. Great use of humor, shading, all aspects of graphics.